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a motivational book site designed to present free books on the love and acceptance of God.
Our purpose is to give all a view of God as a Father who cares about every part of your life physically and spiritially. Free books that present Him alone as the source of all blessings and that in His grace all things are possible.
We do not claim to speak for God but His awesome wonders of grace and reconciliation.
Words alone cannot ever describe Him to the fullness of how incredible He is towards us. No human teacher can take the place of Christ! No book can take the place of the bible. We can give you information, but only the Spirit can give illumination and help us to understand spiritual truths. Our hope is that you may get a glimpse of His person and in turn be touched by His indescribable grace and love to you and all humanity 
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Rox Nolin
I hope the books I have written have inspired you to see God in a new light. He is a wonderful caring and loving Father who sees you through the saving image of a giving Son. 
Dear friend always remember that there is no problem, sin or circumstance that He has not dealt with through the cross, You no matter how bad you think you are, you are still the apple of His eye. His unconditional love will never change no matter what religion tells you.
me if you have been blessed
More books to come.