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God's Grace Leads to Joy

Appreciating God's grace leads to Joy. We often hear about "Grace." What is it, and what is its relationship to Joy? Well, think of Grace as a needed but unexpected gift from a loving friend. Would that not be a source of great joy?
The gift of indwelling life through faith in Christ, isa gift that benefits us every day, ia source of great joy.
This gift connects us to the Divine Lifestream and makes us Children of God. It is a gift, because it is given freely and is "unearned" on our part. This is Grace, because the meaning of Grace in the New Testament [Greek, "charis"] is, gift. It represents an "unmerited favor," a lovingkindness freely given us from the Heart of God. In the Bible, Grace and Joy are related linguistically, as well. While Grace is the term "charis," Joy is "chara." A gift, a favor, a kindness---these bring joy!
Share Joy with others! We do not want merely to be recipients of Grace and Joy. "Become imitators of God," Paul says (Ephesians 5:1).
Share the illumination and warmth of the Divine emanation of Love by expressing the lovingkindness of Grace to all---even to those difficult to deal with. Love changes people for the better, just as expressing love heals and expands our own hearts.
I once had a proverbial "boss from Hades" whose attitude changed only after I directed toward him kind and considerate thoughts, supported by action, every day. Joy is infectious.
As we spread Grace and Joy, it comes back to us in manifold measure, and our own spiritual development is enhanced. In being kind as God is kind, we open up new worlds of healing, peace, and JOY!