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Visually Impaired to Grace

One of the greatest tasks as a teacher of grace is simply getting believers to understand or see grace. We seem visually impaired when it comes to the comprehension of grace, yet grace is the very essence of the gospel.
It is the foundation of truth in understanding the character of God. Without grace, all other truth will be slanted or miss its fullest potential as the genuine from God.
Yes, most believers claim to know the doctrine of grace, that by grace through faith we are saved, but when it comes to living out of the grace of God in every day life, this is where we seem visually impaired.
Grace seems to take the back seat to all those other seemingly important doctrines. Most believers find it unimportant, easily lost. How could a foundational truth like grace be so easily discarded.
Mostly because it is misunderstood and sadly misrepresented.
I attended a bible college that never taught grace as a part of their curriculum. I was ordained in an organization that never mentioned grace. I sat through conventions and meetings and never heard a message on grace. As a matter of fact in the circles I followed, their years of history, grace was not much mentioned.
When grace was approached it was looked at as a license to sin. Sadly this was indoctrinated or misrepresented as truth. What a powerful injustice, to a life saving doctrine.
The main reason for this distortion is we do not see the need for more grace once we see God. We are either ignorant of it or willfully ignore it because of legalistic views.
Yet because we do not see the need of grace we will miss the reality of grace as the supplier, not just for salvation, but for all our needs. This includes the sustaining power to stand in this world.
The moment we begin to bring the subject of grace, many think we do away with standards, yet grace does not produce a lack of obedience or holiness but a desire to reverence and a want to please God.
I would not know grace if I seen it as a legalistic form of license to sin.
So in the end, grace is not just a doctrine, but an infinite understanding of God towards us who know Him.
We needs to take off the blinder and see grace in all it's glory.
We need to know the importance of understanding grace and it,s many sides so that can live out of all the God wants and desires for us.
Dear Friend don't just see grace as the way to find  him but also to know Him and to live the life He desires for you
Trust it!